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Priya Nartaki

For an art to flourish, requires sincere, devoted and dedicated followers.  One such exponent of the art in the field of Indian classical dance is Ms. Priya Menon.

She teaches her students with perfection and highest standards with the sole aim to shape them as outstanding artists.  

Priya pursued her interest for dancing at a very young age of four, studying Bharatnatyam under the guidance of Kalaratna Guru Smt. Ratnam Janardhanan Nair for several years in India. She has also been trained in Mohiniyattam and continues her training under the guidance of Guru Smt. Vinaya Narayanan, a senior disciple of Guru 'Padmashree' Smt. Bharati Shivaji. 

Priya has received numerous set of awards and accolades for her performances in India and Internationally. She has performed and taken workshops at the World Stage for Dances, UNESCO Dance festival.

Although an IT Engineer, she has successfully wised up in both the fields with par excellence.

Priya Menon is the  Artistic Director and the Founder of Priya Nartaki Dance Spaces. She also takes many Workshops in and around Germany.

With more than 15 years of experience in choreography, performing and training professionally in Indian Dance forms and Bollywood Dancing, she aims at creating engaging performances that are a blend of traditional Indian movements with the present day subject that are experiential, captivating and accessible to audience interaction, incorporating mixed expressions, music and rhythm.   

As an industry-leading Dancer Portfolio in Nuremberg, she has the skills and experience to help her clients thrive. she bring her clients’ visions to life through a range of visual and media services. 

Priya Nartaki: Welcome

Priya Nartaki Dance Spaces


Priya Nartaki Dance Spaces is a reputed Dance Institute for performing arts in Nuremberg founded in 2018 by Sripriya Menon, a versatile and accomplished artist. The school conducts regular classes in Bharatanatyam and various other Indian folk dances like Bhangra, Ghoomar, Kalbeliya, Dandiya, Yakshagana, Chhau, Kayikottikali, Indian semi classical dances and Bollywood freestyle lessons to name a few… 

The Institute focuses on preserving and training the traditional art form demonstrating its relevance in today’s society. We aim at doing so by focusing on Angika (body) and Citta (mind) conditioning, which is an integral part of every training program of the institute. Stage presence, grace and confidence are the strides that one takes back home apart from the adavus and the choreography.






"I have been learning dance from Priya Nartaki for 2  years now. Her sense of dance can inspire even a non-dancer to move their feet and join her.  Her training is fun, intriguing and challenging that it will work on you like magic. It is her feedback with lots of appreciation that helped to boost my confidence and perform among a group of people. Thanks to my dance guru for introducing dance to me and making my life a bit more interesting."

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